Buchanan’s sedge Carex buchananii

Key Features

  • Tall, stiffly erect, tufted sedge with mostly reddish-brown culms and leaves.
  • Leaves are flat on one side and convex / rounded on the other.
  • Colourless glumes and usually dark-coloured utricles.

Distribution and Habitat

  • Uncommon in North Island.
  • More widespread in South Island, but scarce in Southland and possibly absent from Westland and Fiordland.
  • On beaches, lagoon, lake and stream margins, or in damp ground within open forest or short tussock grassland.
  • Coastal to montane (up to 1,000 m above sea level).


  • Drainage and modification of wetland habitats and weed competition, especially in lowland sites.

Management Opportunities

  • Survey for new locations.
  • Mark known sites.
  • Protect habitat.
  • Ensure that forest owners are aware of potential habitats and can recognise the species.

Monitoring Options

  • Check existing populations annually.
  • Report new locations to DOC.


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