Coastal maire Nestegis apetala

Key Features

  • Stout spreading tree up to 10 m tall.
  • Pairs of leathery wavy leaves that are 5-11 cm long, dark green and glossy above, and pale green underneath.
  • Flowers 2.5-2.9 mm diameter, greenish to greenish-yellow, and without petals. The species name apetala refers to the lack of petals.
  • Fruit purplish, oval, 10-18 mm long, in loose clusters.

Distribution and Habitat

  • Nestegis apetala inhabits the exposed margins of coastal forest, talus slopes, exposed ridgelines, rocky slopes, cliff faces, and closed forest (as a minor subcanopy component) in the northern North Island, including northern offshore islands.
  • Also found on Norfolk Island.


  • Coastal and lowland development.
  • Management Opportunities
  • Protection of habitat.
  • Ensure that forest owners are aware of potential habitats and can recognise the species.

Monitoring Options

  • Check existing populations annually.


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