Paspalum orbiculare

Key Features

  • Perennial grass, leaves rigid, erect, up to 30 cm long and 5 mm wide, flat, glabrous on upper surface and underside hairy at base.
  • Flowering stem up to 70 cm long.
  • Differs from other species of Paspalum by having glabrous spikelets.

Distribution and Habitat

  • Restricted to northern North Island where it is known from a few locations in Northland, Auckland and Bay of Plenty.
  • Coastal to lowland, in seasonal wetlands, lake margins, gumland scrub, and near active geothermal vents.


  • Habitat modification and loss.
  • Natural succession by taller vegetation can shade it out.

Management Opportunities and Methods

  • Survey for new locations.
  • Protection of habitat.
  • Weed control.

Monitoring Options

  • Check existing populations annually.
  • Report new locations to DOC, NZPCN.

Further Information and Support

  • New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN).
  • Weed management - Department of Conservation, Regional Councils.