Round-leaved Selliera Selliera rotundifolia

Key Features

  • A creeping, mat-forming herb with buried, white stems and thick, rounded, shiny leaves that are held close to the ground surface. Flowers are borne on short stalks and are asymmetric, forming a ‘half star’ with five spreading petals united at the base. These flowers produce small green fruits.

Distribution and Habitat

  • Lower western coast of the North Island from Patea to Paekakariki. Selliera rotundifolia is restricted to sand plains in coastal sand dune habitat.


  • Habitat modification and loss, especially due to afforestation.
  • Competition from invasive weeds (e.g. pampas grass).
  • Damage from off-road vehicles.

Management Opportunities

  • Survey for new locations.
  • Mark known sites.
  • Protection of habitat.
  • Avoid afforestation of known sites.

Monitoring Options

  • Check existing populations annually.
  • Report new locations to DOC and NZPCN.

Further Information and Support

  • New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN).
  • Weed management - Department of Conservation, Regional Councils
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